LUMION Software Training Course

Lumion Software Training Course

LUMION Software Training Course Content

  • Starting a project – Project Setup, Screen Layout
  • Controlling the Camera
  • Modeling Environment and Modifying Terrain
  • Adding a Water Plane and/or Ocean
  • Importing – Updating Models with Geometry
  • Placing Content from the Library
  • Using Layers
  • Assigning and Modifying Materials
  • Saving Material Sets
  • Advanced Materials (Glass, Waterfalls, SelfIlluminaon, Glows)
  • Environment Settings
  • Setting Sun Direcon and Height
  • Cloud Setting
  • Adding / Modifying Light Fixture
  • Creating Sll Images
  • Creating Animations
  • Animating Objects
  • Camera Presets
  • Creating a camera Pan
  • Working with Filters
  • Adding Special Effects to Individual clips and enre movies
  • Using Theater Mode Export and Rendering Opons
  • Rendering the final output as a movie file

What You Will Get In LUMION Software Training Course

The magic of Lumion is how intuitive it is and how it streamlines the rendering process into something that everyone can easily understand. If you are an architect or a designer who needs visualizations/renderings but hasn’t yet been able to learn complex rendering workflows, this is the course for you. With a simple UI, a vast library, and all the necessary tools in Lumion, you will be rendering photoreal images in no time.

With just a couple of hours, you will have gone through the essential settings in Lumion, and you will start creating photorealistic renderings and animations of your own. By the end, you will have a nice piece to add to your portfolio.

Benefits Of LUMION Software Training Course

Career opportunities with lumion are, it would be helpful for architects and interior designers in making their design live and more appealing to attract clients by making every designs more realistic.
Create your first photo realistic architectural rendering with Lumion in just a few hours! No experience is required!
You can easily turn your SketchUp (or other models) projects into photorealistic renderings.
Learn all the essential functions of Lumion from scratch in just a few hours.
Use the project files to create a beautiful exterior rendering to use for your portfolio.

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