BIM Quantity Surveying & Estimation Course

BIM Quantity Surveying & Estimation Course

BIM Quantity Surveying & Estimation Course Content

Must For Contractors

  • What is Estimation and its types?
  • Quality of Good Estimator
  • QS using traditional method vs using BIM
  • Measurement units and rules for measurement
  • Understanding BIM QS templates
  • Calculating Quantities for
  • Earthwork
  • Foundation
  • Brickwork
  • All RCC Elements (formwork,reinforcement,concreting)
  • Doors and Windows
  • Finishing Materials
  • Labour Rates,Market Rates,Schedule of Rates
  • Rate Analysis
  • Generating Report 

What You Will Get In BIM Quantity Surveying & Estimation Course

We will guide you all to the manual calculations of various building components like footing, column, beam, wall, and many more with calculations in Excel. We will also help you in understanding, construction Drawings by going through common features and standard detail followed in the process.

Students will be provided with required materials such as Manual calculation notes, Excel calculation files, Drawings, and 3D Revit models.

Benefits Of BIM Quantity Surveying & Estimation Course

Provides fast, effective, and efficient quantity take-off and cost estimation
Produce reliable and accurate quantities as well as competitive cost estimates
Update cost plans with more details as the design are developed
Generates accurate cost estimates for various design alternatives
Time savings in the preparation of estimating costs
Reduction of Requests for Information

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